About Me

Hi my name is Gemma and I am the creator of RESET, THE HAPPINESS PROJECT.

Why have I created it….? For YOU! To help YOU to lead a more structured, more positive, effective, HAPPIER life!

RESET, firstly works as an everyday diary, providing structure to your no doubt busy days and weeks. However, more importantly, it provides you with guidance as to how you can live a more positive life.

One of my favourite quotes of all times is this….

“Positive people don’t necessarily live in a perfect world, but their world is more
beautiful because they find the positives no matter what happens.”

I can truly relate to this with all my heart.

I, like many of you, am a wife, a mum to two beautiful children and try to juggle running a business and a home; and if I’m honest, at times it has seemed a little impossible. I had even got to the point where I had forgotten who I was.

I thought I was happy….of course I was. I am extremely blessed but I still struggled with a constant sense of fear, anxiety and worries. I would rush everywhere, trying to meet life’s constant demand. Most days, I could literally feel my heart beating out my chest, my palms sweaty, but I covered it all up with a smile telling the world I was ok.

But was I really? NO!

I hadn’t even realized how bad the feeling had become as it happened over the course of a few years.

I had always been the dreamer of the family, who truly believed I could achieve everything; but circumstances had damped by spirit and dulled my shine. I had lost my way.

That is until a good friend of mine, Katie Louise Hamer invited me to a convention.

It was there I learned about the importance of self development, self belief, the law of attraction and how dreams really don’t just need to belong in the fairytales.

I came across this passage:

“There is a way of living in the world that is not here, although it seems to be.
You do not change your appearance, but you seem to smile more frequently. Your forehead is soft, your eyes more serene.”



Let me help you hit that RESET switch. Let me help you live that happy dream! I have been in that place and I want to help you reach the path of freedom from your fears…and find true happiness.

It has been proven that over the course of 28 days with daily gratitude, positive actions and affirmations a person can change their mindset and self worth.

RESET helps you do this everyday. It gives you a simple daily actions, along with positive affirmations, to lead you towards a more positive outlook.

Become unstoppable! Say yes to a happier life and believe that this time is yours!

I longed to live the life described in this quote. I wanted that safety, that security, that
inner peace.

I was leaning towards fear, getting lost in the overwhelming world around me, and had forgotten what it was like to really laugh behind my strained smile. My hectic life was passing me by without me really living it, combined with my self criticism that I was not enough.

I realized that it was fear that was blocking me. Blocking me from that certainty, safety, happiness and belief in myself.

I began to learn I could turn my fears into something positive. I could turn my doubt into dreams. And turn my pain into happiness.

There is a way!

You can change the way you think, change the way you see the world and that then your world will truly begin to expand and your dreams come true.

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