Is there a difference between manifestation and working hard?

Is there such thing as magic?

If you make a wish….. and wish so hard…. can it actually come true?

I’m here to tell you yes!

Yes to it all!

There is such a thing as manifestation and yes there is a difference between wishing and working hard….. but when done side by side, working in direct correlation the ramifications of it are mind blowing.

Let me explain to you how.

Some people often say to me….. your lucky. Everything you touch turns to gold and lands at your feet….. and whilst I would agree, I am Incredibly blessed….. no one actually sees the reality of what goes in behind the scenes for me to make sure my dreams come true.

So I’m here to share this with you.

FACT- I am a huge manifestator.

As you will have heard me talk, I journal each and everyday about my dreams; visualising about each finer detail, giving gratitude for them all as though I already hold them in my hands.

Why? Because I know the power that this holds. To see it. To imagine it so clearly in your mind, it already feels as though you have it; is undeniably one of the greatest feelings man can experience.

All those dreams you have….. for that moment, your there. You don’t just see it…. you feel it.

That feeling gives you a hunger….. a drive. It’s incredible!

The excitement as you then create your own vision board….. it’s as though your flicking through a catalogue for your own life….. creating a shopping list in effect. No restrictions…. just hope. Hope that perhaps maybe this is it. Your happy ever after. Seeing what your life could look like….. perhaps it needn’t just be a dream. Perhaps this could actually happen. Perhaps.

I say perhaps because in the back of your

Mind….. whilst your longing for more….. do you find yourself listening to a niggling voice…. your voice, saying your kidding yourself. Perhaps it’s someone else’s voice…. saying your a fool….. Perhaps it’s a voice saying you can’t dream so big. You need a reality check? Perhaps it’s a voice questioning what will others think? Perhaps it’s a voice saying I don’t deserve more. I’ve made mistakes.

That is the reason I say perhaps….. because for as long as you allow that fear, doubt and lack of self worth to creep in….. your placing a direct barrier between you and your dreams….. your allowing that spiral of disparity

To continue….. that merry go round you’ve been trying so desperately to jump off. Your stuck!

So let me start by telling you….. Everyone makes mistakes. I’m here to tell you this is your second chance.

You deserve one!!!!!!

But for now…… My question to you is this? How long have you been treading those waters simply trying to survive ? How long have you been living this same day, day in day out? Days, weeks, months, years passing by….. yet never moving closer to your dreams.

It’s easy to see why so many loose hope. It’s understandable why others may question my undeniable faith…… but here it goes…..

My answer sounds simple.

Relax. Have fun. Allow yourself to be free to

Dream. Meditate.

Don’t place your happiness upon a need for your dream to come true. Don’t place a pressure.

But how? The reality is far from simple.

Your dream is there for a reason. You want more….. indeed at times you need more. You want a better way of life. How can you not place a pressure for a guarantee that good fortune is coming your way?


Trust in yourself. Trust in the universe. Trust in God. Trust in the angels. Trust in others. Trust in whoever you need to….. but allow yourself to trust. Take guidance. Have faith.

I get it trust is hard. You’ve been let down before….. but you’re not living in the past. That was before… this is now…. this is your future.

Ask the universe, the angels or whoever you wish to for help. Ask them to guide your path. Ask them

To light the way.

Take comfort from them. I’m times of doubt…. Pray. Read your angel cards. Do whatever you need to keep going. Know that you can’t allow that negativity to creep in. It holds you back.

Instead, Open your heart and your mind to receive whatever message you are needing to let in.

Don’t frantically search for it. Allow it to take its course naturally.

You may not always understand the paths life leads you on….. but trust that you are being lead to where you need to be…. right here….. right now.

Don’t despair. Don’t question.

Have faith that for every situation that has caused you pain; for every event that hasn’t quite gone to plan….. has given you a lesson….. a gift. A lesson that you needed to learn….. to get you ready for your greater purpose. Your reason your here.

Everyone has a reason! Everyone has a purpose. Just Because you don’t know it yet doesn’t mean it isn’t there!

Somethings will hurt. Sure somethings will even make you cry and curse. But allow yourself sometime to clear your mind…. allow yourself to cry…. allow yourself to grow and remind yourself of who you are and what your doing this for.

Once you allow yourself to open up….. that is when the magic can really flow.

But what else can you do?

Is it enough to just dream and trust?

Do you need to work hard? Have you grown up surrounded with the mentality of money doesn’t grow on trees? There is no such thing as magic?

Hard work is what pays the bills.

Sure we’ve all heard the sayings…..

But what I am about to share with you is what completely turned my life around. Something thy completely altered my mindset.

I had the courage to dream when I was at a point where I had forgotten what that even was. I expected the worse because that’s what conclusion experience had given me.

But still….. I held onto hope.

One last shot. I dusted myself off and told myself…..

A winner is just a looser who gets up one more time.

I was that looser….. and my god….. I was that looser ten fold.

I held onto any scraps of faith I could find deep inside my heart that I was meant for something

More. That things didn’t always have to be this way. That things could and would get better.

I dreamed….. I visualised….. I tried my best to hold onto faith…. I asked for help when my positivity dwindled….. I planned…..

You see…..

A dream written down with a date becomes a goal….. a goal broken down into steps becomes a plan…… a plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.

Every single day I take an action.

Whether it be a big action….. or a small action….. nether the less…. everyday holds a purpose….. an intention….. to make it count.

To get me one day closer to holding that dream I can feel in my hands.

You see then it becomes, not just a dream….. not just an unrealistic wish. It becomes real!

So while others sleep….. I dream with my eyes wide open….. while others party….. I work….. I don’t clock off at 5pm….. it’s a vocation…… it’s a life.

And When you love what you do….. you’ll never work another day of your life.

It’s a total game changer. But are you prepared to do what is necessary to succeed?

Why do you think only 5% of the worlds population hold over 75% of the worlds wealth?

Because they know this !

They do what is necessary. They accept nothing less!

So again let me ask you….. who do you want this for?

Do you want this for you?

This is a life I am creating for myself.

This a life I am creating for those I love most.

This is a life that we deserve!

This is a life I remind myself daily that I am

Thankful for. This is a life I once prayed to have. This is a life that is filled with hope.

So now let me ask you this….. do you make everyday count?

Or do you wait until Monday? The new year?

Do you make up excuses?

Do you concern yourself with what others may say and think?

So again let me question- who are you doing this for?

Answer that….. and then answer this…..

Do you work harder than anyone else in the room?

Do you step up?

Do you put yourself forward?

Or do you want more….. but perhaps aren’t quite fully there in wanting to do what’s needed to go and get it?

Do you sit back and want someone else to do

It for you?

Do you look to someone else for all

The answers?

I’m here to tell you….. The answers live inside of you!

The dreams come From inside of you.

All those sacrifices….. all that work…. all those hopes….. all those dreams…. all that faith…. all that trust…. all that guidance….. all of it works in direct correlation….. in great magnitude to catapult you to wherever it is you choose to be.

So Choose someplace great.

Come stand in the sun and watch the magic unfold ☀️

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