Dear Universe, Please don’t let me forget there littleness…..

This morning was no exception to the rule and at 7am my alarm began to sound; and instead of quivering at the thought of the marathon that lay ahead, I basked in the moment of what lay right in front of me. I walk across the landing into my children bedrooms, stroke their hair and kiss their forehead, as I whisper good morning. They then both sleepily, crawl into our bed for cuddles and kisses, while they snooze before we start the day.

And here I lay, Summer to the left of me, snuggled under her Daddy’s arm, and Ari lay on top of me. They’re fast asleep, peacefully dreaming of the things little ones dream about. If I listen closely I can hear their steady, soft breaths, and can feel Ari’s heart beating as he lays upon my chest. I kiss their heads and take in their smell. I run my fingers over their little button noses, and savour every moment of calm, as I wonder how did we ever create such perfection. At ten and seven, as they sleep, they still look exactly the same as they did as newborns, with their round faces, long blonde eyelashes and beautiful red lips.
In this moment I question how did they actually get so big? How did time move so quickly…..

It is here, in this still, quiet moment, I beg the universe, please don’t let me forget their littleness. Please can I hold onto this feeling forever?

Please don’t let me forget, how Summers golden lion mane of hair, tickles my nose as I breath in her perfection, or how I bury my head into Ari’s chubby cheeks as he places his warm, spongy, gentle hands on my face as he whispers in my ear, “I love you mummy.”

Please don’t let me forget how a grumpy, tired Adam and Summer will moan about the noise Ari and I make as we wriggle and giggle and tickle each other as we play the game of I love you more than….

Please don’t let me forget the warmth of the Smile that Ari gives me every morning as he wakes, as his face scrunched up with his nose and cheeks covered in the most perfect, beautiful, freckles, that has the power to brighten the darkest, dullest, grey skies.

Please dot let me forget how he loves to sleep with his eye mask on, and snuggling his blue bunny that smells quite undesirable to anyone else but him.

Please don’t let me forget my super powers. My power to kiss away any bad dream, to hug away any sadness and every fear and worry. My power to know exactly what they need even when they don’t know. My power to calm them by simply being close.

Please don’t let me forget how they snuggle perfectly into us, as though our bodies were designed just for them to wrap around us perfectly.

Please don’t let me forget their smell. How they smell like love and hope with some magic, mysterious ingredient that only children posses.

Please don’t let me forget the way Ari pronounces certain words with his lisp as talks about his brilliant made up stories and dreams.

Please don’t let me forget how they wake with their tummies rumbling and eagerly gasp and tell me what they would like to eat for their three course banquet breakfast.

Please don’t let me forget how Summer takes a while to wake and needs me to gently run my fingers along her back whilst I remind her of what a great day we have ahead.

Please don’t let me forget how everything seems to glow as we lay in bed together on lazy mornings, while they roll around with each other and giggle and squeal, and I watch them tiredly.

Please please please Universe, don’t let me forget their littleness. Because sometimes, that littleness is what makes me wish that they would just grow up a little faster, sleep for longer, be more Independent, give me more freedom and let me do what I want to do just for once; and then I remember…..

But it is that littleness. That precious fleeting littleness, for which I will one day ache and yearn and desperately miss so dearly.

And so while I have it now, please just let me bask in it for a little bit longer. Please let me breathe them in a little bit deeper, and hold them a little bit tighter, because who knows how quickly this sweet littleness will pass.

Please let me capture every moment, every feeling, every 7.30am drawing, every bowl of spilt coco pops on the floor, every bottom I am called to wipe…. Everything.

Please don’t let me forget.

Please don’t let me forget.

Please don’t let me forget.

Thank you Thank You Thank you for this gift. My Reset to capture, every moment I have with you, for these small moments are what make my life so big xxxxx

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