What is anxiety?

Still there is a real stigma attached to it. An embarrassment.

But why is that…..

When you actually look at what anxiety is, you’ll see that……

Anxiety is that nervous feeling that completely absorbs your entire body. Anxiety is being unable to ever turn your brain off. Anxiety is the restless nights of sleep as you toss and turn. Anxiety are all those negative thoughts you play over and over in your mind . Anxiety is like living in a bad dream. Anxiety is playing every situation over and over again, worrying about every possible outcome. Anxiety is the having a headache and believing you have a brain tumor. Anxiety is worrying about what other people think and say about you. Anxiety is that feeling of you never being enough.

It’s that feeling of your heart pounding out your chest. It’s the shortness of breath. It’s the feeling of you having a heart attack. It’s the feeling of stomach pains as you feel sick with nerves. It’s the feeling of being unable to eat. It’s the feeling of needing comfort. It’s the embarrassing clamy sweaty hands.

Its that feeling of exhaustion as soon as you wake. Its that gut renching feeling as soon as you open your eyes. It’s the panic feeling every time the door knocks. It’s the fear as the postman calls. It’s the nervous feeling every time your phone rings. It’s the worry over how a text was perceived. Its that wonder how do I word this properly. Anxiety is that unanswered text that you read into. Its that voice that tells you they’re ignoring you.

Anxiety is the watching every hour during the night. It’s the learning how to function with sleep deprivation as you only managed to close your eyes at 4am. Its that creeping downstairs In the night for a glass of wine hoping it will help you sleep.

Anxiety is that constant state of worrying and feeling on the edge. It’s that thinking and caring too much. Anxiety is the ruining relationships as you second guess every word and action.

Its that looking at your children sleep and worrying about their health. It’s the feeling of never being enough. Its that feeling that they deserve so much more than you.

Anxiety is that feeling of being so alone even in a crowded room. It’s the uneasiness at a party as you think all eyes are on you and no one wants you there. It’s the feeling of needing to have a drink to relax; and then waking in the morning absorbed with guilt questioning every conversation worrying incase you need to apologise.

It’s the apologizing for everything that doesn’t need apologizing for.

It’s the stream of questions you torment yourself with everyday. It’s the saluting of the magpies. It’s the needing to touch something so many times or something bad will happen. It’s the having to turn your tins around in the cupboard so they all face the same direction. It’s the panic over if you turned your straighteners off. The worry over if you locked the door. The having to flick every switch off before you go to bed. It’s the sheer panic and replaying what if my house gets on fire or we are broke into.

Its beating that critical voice in your head saying your useless. Anxiety is the feeling of wanting control when everything is falling apart around you. Anxiety is the paint on of a smile pretending to the world your ok. Its that feeling of not wanting to get dressed. Its that feeling of not wanting to look into a mirror or be on a photograph. It’s the wanting to hide away. It’s the long drives in your car not knowing where your going. It’s the walks through the woods to just escape. It’s the worry incase you went through a red light. It’s the driving somewhere and you cant remember how you got there.

Anxiety is the forgetting what it is to dream, and believing that life is hard and its meant to be that way. It’s the feeling that this is it.

Anxiety is the worry over you hurting someone elses feelings. It’s the never wanting to do anything wrong. It’s the feeling of never being good enough.

It’s the feeling of just wanted to be accepted, liked and loved. It’s the feeling that your screaming but no one can hear you.

But then all of a sudden you come across friends who too have felt like this…..

And you realise this may be a battle you face everyday, but its not one you have to face alone.

And there it is…..

Hope creeps in slowly you begin to see….

That together we can Reset and there is always hope for you and me xxxx

If your needing that fresh start and want to learn to control these fears, there is a way. Get in touch and together we will help you have that fresh start your so needing.

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