You are a magnet.

Most people look at their current lives and say, “this is who I am, this is my life, its hard.”

That is NOT who you are!

That is who you were.

That is not who you are now.

That is the outcome of your past thoughts and actions, so if you will your living in the thoughts and actions of your past.

Imagine yourself as this giant magnet.

What can you do right now to turn it around.

Well first, start by making a list of things that your grateful for.

This shifts your energy and starts to shift your thinking.

Everything I teach across the entire Reset program is simple but hugely effective so lets just give it a try.

Before you start this very simple exercise you may have been focusing on what you don’t have.

Your complaints and your problems.

This leads you down a different path. A path of destruction. A path of never having enough. A path of never truly living.

Whatever we think about and thank about we bring about.

It is impossible to bring more into your life if you are thinking feelings of ungratefulness and negativity. Whether it is feelings of resentment, dissatisfaction, or feelings of not having enough; those feelings can not bring to you what you want.

They can only return to you more of what you do not want.

Those negative emotions are blocking your own good coming to you.

Instead be grateful for all that you have got and for all that you want to come.

One of the most powerful practices is to be grateful for the things you WANT to come into your life, but to write them as though you already have them.

Now I know this may feel strange but bear with me.

Begin each sentence with I am blessed or I am grateful for; and write what it is.

There is something so powerful about putting pen to paper and writing something down. It becomes a definite action.

As well as writing what your grateful for you must also feel the words.

It can be hard especially if your new to this process but trust me.

Visualise your dreams and write about them, feel them.

Now again some of you guys may struggle with this concept, so just try and relax and have fun with it.

Visualization is so powerful because you create pictures in your mind of seeing yourself with what it is that you want.

You are generating thoughts of you having it right now.

It is that feeling that really creates the attraction- not just the words, the thought or the picture; but all those coupled together with the feelings.

Many people ask if they think positive thoughts or if they visualize what they want, will that be enough?

The answer is simple; if your doing it but your still not feeling abundant, or feeling love or joy, then it can’t be enough. You must create the power of attraction. The power of attraction must feel good!!!!!

You must put yourself in the place of really being there and feel it.

Don’t just imagine what you want. Imagine every aspect of its being. Imagine you with your dream.

If it’s a new house for example; imagine you driving up your new driveway.

What colour will your door be? Look at your hands and imagine them unlocking the door to your dream home.

Imagine yourself entering with your groceries and hearing the kids play in your beautiful garden.

Imagine your Christmas tree surrounded with beautifully wrapped gifts.

Imagine the dinner you will cook in your dream kitchen.

Be present in what it is your getting, knowing and believing it is happening.

Be excited because it is coming.

You will know that your doing it right, because it will feel as though you already have it.

You will feel excited. You will find yourself smiling.

This is a practice I love to do and I manifest travelling on the holidays of my dreams with my beautiful family.

A few years ago when I first heard about this practice I decided to give it a go. We really wanted a family holiday to Florida but it was a distant dream, so I decided to try it and give it my all. I had nothing to loose but perhaps a holiday of our dreams to gain.

I visualized that we would surprise the kids with this trip. I imagined us telling them at the airport and what their little faces would look like. I visualized that we would stay for three weeks in a luxury Disney hotel and that I would get all this plus flights for all four of us for £3500. I can remember telling my husband and he laughed as the prices where all in excess of £8000. I remained focused on my dream and believed with all my heart it would happen.

I can remember one Sunday morning waking and my husband asked me what was the £140 doing on the side in the kitchen by my diary. I replied that I had no idea what the £140 was or where it had come from. I even giggled as I said I was a money magnet as that’s what I tell myself everyday. Still to this day I do not know where that money appeared from. Shortly after I checked online, the prices of the holiday to Florida. To my complete surprise a holiday in a Disney hotel was half price with just 4 seats remaining on the flight, for £3600 with an additional code for £100 off making it £3500. I screamed with excitement; but what completely hit me was that the deposit was £140, the exact amount which had miraculously turned up that day. We instantly booked the holiday. My dreams were happening. Now It wasn’t in a luxury Disney hotel but it was in a Disney hotel so I was overjoyed!!!! I was eternally thankful. I felt so powerful. I continued to write daily about my dream vacation and how I was staying in a luxury 5 star Disney hotel. I felt every word as I wrote it. What happened when we arrived on holiday completely blew me and my family  away. We were upgraded to a 5 star Disney resort.

Every one of my dreams came true!!!!!

Visualization truly is the greatest secret to success.

Put yourself in that place of it being in the now.

Be thankful for it in the now.

Often people say to me I feel silly doing this. How can it really work.

My answer to you is this.

It is not your job to figure out the how. The How will show up out of YOUR commitment and belief.

Your questioning how is placing fear and doubt your way.

It is blocking you.

Now let me ask you this.

What is it you have to loose?

You have nothing to loose but a whole life to gain.

Remember imagination is everything.

It is the preview of the life you have to come.

So have fun, let yourself be free and create the life you want it to be.

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