This evening I ran in from the gym trying my best to escape the huge hailstones…. I was freezing. I jumped straight in the bath to warm up, put on my new fluffy pjs and couldn’t wait to get in bed with my Reset book this evening.

An early night was definitely on the cards for me.

I can remember sighing a little as it dawned on me that I had forgotten to pop to Tesco for some bits for Ari’s lunchbox tomorrow. Reluctantly I got dressed again and juddered at the thought of having to go back out in the cold now I had just warmed up.

I can remember talking myself round in the car 🙈 telling myself how I was fortunate enough to be able to feed my family as I drove to the supermarket and how grateful I was for that.

I ran in, rushed around throwing everything I needed in my basket, trying to get in and get home as quickly as possible.

As I came out I threw all my shopping in the car, got in, started the engine and turned to check I was ok to reverse.

It was then as I turned I saw a guy sat on the floor with a duvet behind him. I stopped still. It was as though something took over me and suddenly the engine was stopped and I ran over to him. His head was down as I said hello.

I asked if he was ok and had he ate. He hadn’t. I asked what would he like and went back in to get him something to eat.

This time I wasn’t rushing, I wasn’t throwing things in my basket, I was looking And thinking what would he like and need. I couldn’t help but think how blessed i truely am to be able to actually nip to the supermarket for some bits, and how fortune we are to have a place we call home.

My heart was heavy. I went back outside and handed him the few bits I had got. To me they were so small, yet to him they were the world. He said thank you so many times. I asked him to please find some shelter for the night. He looked up and smiled. What really stuck me was that he looked like my parents age. He could be someone’s dad, brother, son and yet he was all alone.

I got back in the car and could not stop thinking about him. As I sat at the traffic lights I could see the heavy hailstone in the wind blowing by the lights. I cried thinking of him sat outside of Tesco in this weather.

We really are so fortunate. There are so many others out there who long to lead the lives we lead.

As you guys know Reset is heavily focused on gratitude and it really makes you stop, think and focus about everything in life you have to be grateful for. As you set off on this journey this concept can be alien to you. Of course we all say Thank You when we get something or someone does something for us, but how can you think of 10 things each day to be grateful for?

I have so many messages about this each day asking do you just say be same thing everyday…. partner…. kids…. home….

And yes it is right we should be forever thankful for these but the answer is simple.

There are far more than 10

Things to be grateful for each day if you just open your eyes. Even on those most trying days, there will still always be something.

Yes you have a beautiful family who love you, but what about that kiss good morning, the meal you shared together, how you could run your kids to school, the hug your baby gave you, when they told you they loved you, your warm Cosy bed, how you can have the heating on, clean hot water to shower in, the tv so you can watch CBeebies 😂 the fact that you can pop to the supermarket to buy food, the car that takes you and your family safely wherever you need to go, your job that gives you a wage to care for your family, the hug and smile the kids give you as they run out of school and are so happy to see your face, the fact that you have a place to call home and share it with the people you love most in the world.

The list is endless.

So for now as you climb into bed and can hear the wind howl Just stop and think for a moment just how truely blessed you are ❤️

Good night, god bless 😘

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