After a number of messages, I have received over the last few weeks, it has prompted me to write this from the heart in the hope it may be of some comfort and support to you guys.


We try so hard to strive for happiness, and to find that inner peace, with self-development practices and daily use of our Reset Journals; however, from time to time we come across these obstacles which completely floor us. It really is amazing how the impact of someone else’s words and actions can have such a huge, dramatic effect on us; even to the point where somehow it seems the paralyze and all the things that we once knew go out the window. Our thoughts and words become completely absorbed in the drama of the situation which surrounds us.


I like many of you have been there. Not too long ago something was said about me which at the time felt like I had been cut with a knife. I can remember feeling shattered as I lay by the radiator curled up in the fetal position sobbing to the point where I couldn’t catch my breath. I can remember my heart actually aching, tormenting myself, feeling annoyed and angry at how I was allowing myself to be so hurt by the words of another. How can something change so quickly….?  I have worked so hard and am in such a good place… I am so positive and full of life. I questioned myself…. How can another person’s actions possibly bring me down like this? I even doubted… How can I possibly think I can help others when I have allowed myself to be hurt so much? I knew it was because I cared but I continued to It play it over in my mind going back and forth, asking how could anyone be so cruel to hurt another in this way. I couldn’t comprehend it, I just want to do good in the world so why would someone want to hurt me?


Deep down I knew the answers, and now when I look back, I smile in the knowledge that it was a test; a time of self-development and discovery. I came through it and because of it I am stronger, more focused, and ready more than ever to continue and strive on this journey.


The truth of the matter is this, when someone hurts you, it really isn’t about you! It is a reflection of themselves. I know this is a difficult one to grasp but bear with me. It is the individual’s insecurities, hurt, torment and pain which is making them behave in such a way.

They may not admit it, they may not even know it but the truth is that their actions are a result of their deep-rooted pain, not yours, which in turn needs love; not retaliation.


From a young age we are often taught to fight back….. if someone hurts you; you hurt them back! It was only through this journey that I discovered that this simply isn’t the way and no one benefits from treating fire with fire.

All you create is an explosion which is difficult to diffuse. Instead take a deep breath, acknowledge the pain that they are feeling, wish them well and send love; and if needed part on different paths.


Despite the many tears I shed, I never reacted, I didn’t backlash, or privately or publicly fight back. Some may see this as a weakness, however I see it more as a strength. I can remember someone asking me why did I not say something back? Was I not worried that people may believe the cruel words being said about me? I can remember crying as I answered and said, no. I’m not that person. I had tried to remedy the situation but sometimes the other person involved isn’t in the right place to talk. I knew that the more energy and time I allowed myself to be caught up in the drama the more I would attract. I figured that over time things would right themselves and that deep down as hurt as I was, this really wasn’t about me. We needed to walk our different paths, but I wish them well and sent love their way.


My message to you is this. You may at times feel as though your world is crumbling. Things happen, things can be said, but remember this. You are in a good place, you are more fortunate than most. You have the knowledge and support of this group.  You are in a place where despite high emotions you understand that you can take time to sit and look at it rationally. This really isn’t about you!

Take time to meditate. Make time for you. When you feel low often we forget and loose our passion for self-development. This is the time we need it most! So, read more, take time with your Reset, Ask for strength and guidance, and see it as a test.

A challenge which has been sent to get you ready for your new exciting chapter in your life

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