What do you see when you look in the mirror? How do you speak to yourself when you see your own reflection looking right back at you?
Do you pick fault at your hair, brows, wrinkles, teeth, nose, boobs, stretch marks, scars, tummy, legs, arms?
Yep we’ve all been there…
Do you tell yourself your not good enough? Your fat? Your ugly? You can’t do it? Yep we’ve all done that at some point too 🙈
But here’s an idea…. how about we try something new!
There’s a real stigma to what I’m about to say…. but bear with me and I’ll explain.
I want you to love yourself!
So often we hear people say….. he/she loves themselves as though it is a negative!
I say it often and I’ll say it again….. we are our own worst critics at times…… so to truely love yourself can take work! Hard work! But it really is key to finding true happiness within yourself.
We have conditioned ourselves to thinking that it is the norm to put ourselves down and that it would be frowned upon to cheer ourselves on; but do you know what it isn’t!
I’ve also heard people say he/she loves themselves because they post selfies….. but do you know the truth….. behind every selfie there is 100 pictures that have been taken where the individual will have picked fault at their own appearance and to actually hit post and put themselves out there has taken guts! So let’s cheer them on! Tell them how beautiful they are!
From this day I want you to stop and think about how you speak to yourself ! Instead of telling yourself all those negative thoughts your going to look for the positives!
I want you to learn to love the beautiful, magical person that you are!
Those wrinkles are smile lines….. those stretch marks are from you carrying your baby….
Those scars tell a story of how strong you truely are….
Your eyes shine with passion and love….
You are beautiful!
During your Reset journey I ask you each day to write your affirmations about yourself!
I tell you to say it each time you look into the mirror! Im asking you to write I am beautiful… because you are!
I may be hard and it will be uncomfortable to say at first but keep going! Say it back to yourself with conviction!
Say it and mean it! Believe it! Because when you do happiness will beam out of your face!!!!! Confidence breeds beauty! We are a group, a family of empowering, motivated individuals who are all striving to become the best possible versions of ourselves….. not only for us but also for our loved ones.
In order for good things to come…. we must believe we deserve them…..
And we do!
We are beautiful….. we are strong….. we can do this ❤️ #resetthehappinessproject #wearebeautiful #wearestrong #wecandothis #selfaffirmations #positivity #love #mirrormirror

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