Studies show that a child from birth to six years of age absorb most information.

But what do we as parents, carers, aunts uncles, grandparents, teachers want to teach our kids?

I want to teach mine about self belief!
I want to show how dreams really do come true!
I want to teach that miracles happen everyday!
I want to teach them that you can have or be anything you want to be!

And that all starts with you!!!!!
You need to believe that!
You need to believe in you!!!!

If you are happy….
If you are confident…..
If you believe….
If you chase your dreams and make them happen then that is the mentality our children will share.
This is why investing time in yourself and self development is so important.
I know it can be hard to find time for yourself with little ones but I am sure you will agree…
We all love our children so very much, so why not invest time in ourselves to help them.

Don’t let our children be afraid of their weekly spelling test….
Don’t let our kids be afraid to fail….
Let’s show our kids that they can do or be anything!!!
Let’s show our kids we believe in them !

I asked my little boy what does he want to be when he’s older….
His answer…. a super hero.
A little girl answered him and said don’t be silly, super heros aren’t real!
It was my little boys answer that made my heart literally burst with pride as he said….
Yes they do, my mummy says there are real life superheroes everywhere.

I answered and said you’re right, there are real life super heros every single day, and you will be one of them! You will change the world Ari Bear ❤

I want our kids to grow up to be that real life super hero they dream of 🌟

I want them to grow up to be whatever they dream they can be regardless of past, area, society, colour, race, religion, sex, academic levels! None of that matters! They can be whoever they chose to be!!!!!

If we can teach our children this before they reach the age of six just think how incredible the world 🌎 will be for them! They will be unstoppable!

There are so many studies and incredible arrivals out there which out talk of childrens mental health and how keeping a diary can actually promote better self esteem, intelligence levels, vocabulary and social skills. We all want the best for our kids so let’s lead by example! Let’s show our kids the way! One of my favourite articals on this is

“In a world filled with negativity, violence and suffering, a positive attitude can make life more manageable. Although it’s impossible to fully control life events, you can control your reactions to what happens. This attitude enables you to develop the strength to deal with life’s challenges. When children develop a positive attitude early in life, positive thinking becomes a habit that can ease the pressures associated with growing up.

Encourage your children to keep a journal to keep track of accomplishments and disappointments. When your child experiences a disappointment, have him reflect on the lessons he can take from the experience to avoid repeating the mistake in the future. Praise him for showing maturity and recognizing the lesson and for taking a proactive approach to mistakes instead of dwelling on them.”

I like so many of us work so hard on self development, to build my confidence and self belief. Just imagine if it was built into our kids…. like it was programmed in them! How truly amazing would that be for them 🌟

Let’s make our kids unstoppable!

Let’s show our kids how it’s done!

Let’s make our kids believe that dreams really do come true 💖💙👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

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