After a conversation I had with a good friend of mine last week, it got me thinking, and I really think this is something I should share with you.

The first photo is from me a couple of years ago, and the next is one I took just before the school run yesterday.

The girl from two years ago was struggling…. I was trying to keep my head above water….but still felt as though I was drowning. My palms were sweaty, I had a constant knot in my stomach, I had head aches, my heart would pound, I would have panic attack’s, I was snappy and irritable but the whole time I tried to cover it up with a smile telling the world I was ok.
But was I really…. NO!
I was so self conscious it was untrue….
The thought of taking a selfie…. never mind posting one on social media made me feel sick!
I would rather hide than let people see me.
I wasn’t living….. I was existing!!!!

The photo most recent photo as I said is me, literally as I was about to dash out to school To pick up the kiddies…..
I quickly snapped a selfie like it was the norm.
I’m happy, confident, excited, motivated, have a purpose, a reason, and I’m ready to take over the world!!!!!

When you look at these pictures though, there’s no real difference in hair colour, weight or anything on the exterior. I’m just a few years older now with a few more smile lines than before 🙈😂. But really  Nothing has changed on the outside except the smile!!!!

The new smile is real!!!!!
It’s me!!!!

There’s no more masking the pain behind your eyes with a smile !

When you change on the inside you get a glow…. you get your spark back and just looking at these two pictures side by side I can really see it!

Has it been easy????
No….. after years and years of self doubt and criticism I had to really work to get myself out of that dark place…..
But I did it and you can too!!!!!

Self development and repetition are key!
I had to really work to find out how to put the law of attraction into my life but I did it!
Now is the time for me to share that with you.

I want to help you to do what I did and get back that smile that lights up the room.

You’ve got this…. and I’ve got your back!

Together we’re unstoppable!!!!

Here’s to making the world smile again 😘

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